Building Jerusalem!

Over the course of four Sundays during Lent, our Multiage class explored the dramatic events of Holy Week by reconstructing the city of Jerusalem during Jesus’ time.  From Palm Sunday to the Resurrection, the children followed Jesus’ path through the city and learned through Gospel, images, video, and story how Jesus spent his final days teaching, preaching, dying, and living again.  By studying a variety of images, as well as researching online, through videos, and in books, the children began to form a solid impression of what Jerusalem may have looked like more than 2000 years ago, as well as what the city looks like today.  This entire process, although messy and busy and occasionally frustrating (our Temple fell down four times!), was a wonderful way for our children to begin to understand and make sense of the events of Holy Week while being engaged in true hands-on learning!

As we constructed, we wondered:

Why did the people love Jesus on Palm Sunday, and then hate him five days later?

Why is it called “Good” Friday?

What happened to the disciples after Jesus was arrested?  Where did they go?

Was Judas evil?

What does the inside of Jesus’ tomb look like?

…and many more questions.  What do you wonder about?DSC06459 DSC06474 DSC06493 DSC06612 DSC06666 DSC06668 DSC06661 DSC06665