Celebrating the third Sunday of Advent in Preschool!

  • December 19, 2016

The third Sunday of Advent already!  Wow, this season is just flying by!! We began our morning reflecting again on how Advent is a time of waiting and preparation for Christmas and the birth of Jesus. We read the book, Who is Coming to Our House? It is a story of animals in a barn wondering who is coming to visit while they clean up the barn, preparing for their “mystery guest”. We also read a short story, An Angel Visits Joseph and wondered: what does an angel look like? How did Joseph feel when he heard the angel’s message about Mary having a special baby?  What if an angel spoke to us in a dream?  Did Joseph hold baby Jesus? We also watched a short video depicting Joseph’s special dream.

As we have done each week of Advent, a variety of books about waiting and preparing for Jesus’ birth were available for children to read and browse at leisure, and there was also a Nativity set for the kids to explore. We made a bed for Joseph under a table, and some of the children took turns dressing up and acting out the story of the Angel visiting Joseph in a dream.  Many of the children created their own Nativity scenes with Nativity cookie cutters and play dough. They decorated them with ribbons, sequins and gems.  In preparation for our Epiphany celebration on January 1st, we strung beads to create garlands to be hung in North Hall.  It was a busy morning!  

Just one more Sunday in our wait and preparation for Christmas!  In peace, Lisa Frisby1bcaecc8-11f5-4a66-90fe-f4c31db225b4 1c12408e-0d9e-4637-af4a-d32da982ee91 6cf65be3-8b56-49b9-aa19-1f5b1e0cf87e 19ae12c4-d430-49df-9950-b60169caff9f 5024b84d-b5f0-47f4-8828-ecaee9cbeeb6 6569daa3-5ed6-4ed8-a2dc-f83f8c0dc20c b58b9c24-c1ed-4827-8c3e-b1a75b0656d2 c24ae6af-fbc6-4341-b87f-faebcc7d608f cddd29f2-d651-4ab1-b282-822ef0ecf662