Children and Youth Sunday

  • June 18, 2014

On Ci-xsh8Qnn-Mhildren and Youth Sunday, our youngest members led us in reflections about how we imagine God, using Sandy Sasso’s book “In God’s Name”.  Here are some reflections shared by our Youth:

Based on Psalm 23:

  • God is my teacher. Even though I am uncertain about many things, surely God will show me the way.
  • God is my friend. Even though life can be hard, surely God will be there for me.
  • God is my guidance counselor. Even though I might be in trouble, surely there is a better way.
  • God is my glory. Even though I may feel sad, surely there is a bright side.

More images of God inspired by Scripture and a Labyrinth Walk:

  • God is like a forcefield, always surrounding and protecting us.
  • God is like the stone under our feet, providing a strong foundation -solid ground for us to walk on.
  • God is like a bird’s nest, giving us shelter and a place to call home.
  • God is like a tree with deep roots and many branches that offer the possibility of new growth.
  • God is like the sky, inspiring us and giving us something to reach for.

Thanks to everyone who came together to make this a great year, and a great Sunday!

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