Multiage Class: Falling Down and Building Up

  • October 12, 2016

Beginning our time together with the Middler class was such a treat on Sunday, as we learned the beautiful song What Does the Lord Require of You? and even sang it as a three-part round (sort of)!  From the words of Micah, we sang of justice, kindness, and humbleness in the eyes of God.  Our story on Sunday focused on the tragic and violent fall of Jerusalem when Babylon destroyed the city and the temple, and the people had to flee for their lives.  Imagine what that might have felt like!  We thought about having to leave our homes at a moment’s notice and what we would bring with us (favorite blanket, pillow, stuffed animals, and a Pokémon Go phone – the essentials).  After our story, we sat down together for a snack and noticed there wasn’t enough food for everyone!  The children QUICKLY pointed out that leaving someone out would be terribly unfair, so they worked together to split the snack so everyone got a fair share.  Justice and kindness in action!  As we ate, we read a beautiful story called One Green Apple by Eve Bunting about a young Muslim refugee who is struggling in the US and misses home, but begins to find friendship in an apple orchard.  We also watched the first 1:55 of the video To Be A Refugee and talked about how brave all these children are.  We lit candles in our darkened room and prayed for peace and healing among all people and nationsdsc01885 dsc01897 dsc01919 dsc01920 dsc01923 dsc01928 dsc01911 dsc01915