PreK/Kindergarten: God Lights the Way

  • September 28, 2016

This week we learned that God is like a light that guides and protects.  We started our time together reciting an interactive chant using a flashlight. “Light of God, shine on _____ .  Light of God, shine on me.  Shine on everyone I see” and listening to a song, “God is with us”. We talked about how lighthouses are like God – sturdy, strong and a light that guides and protects.  And we practiced the Bible verse, “You are the Light of the World”, tapping it out to help us to remember it. We watched a Vimeo called, “God is Always With Me: Pillar of Fire/Cloud” and acted it out.  Then the children divided into “families” and packed pillowcases with clothes, books, utensils, toys, crayons & paper (necessities for traveling in the desert!).  The Pillar of Cloud guided the families on their journey.  When it disappeared, the families unpacked and rested. As the Pillar of Cloud reappeared, they packed up and continued on the journey.  As it got dark, a Pillar of Fire appeared.  The families unpacked and camped for the night and the Pillar of Fire gave them light.  When the Cloud reappeared, they packed up AGAIN, traveled and finally reached their destination.

To represent the day and night, we had orange slice “Suns” and tortilla “Stars” for snack. We created our own pillars of fire or pillars of cloud with tissue paper. Some of the children even made one of each! Our books this week were about lighthouses and shining lights and some of our books from previous weeks’ themes : God providing us a safe place and God gathers us close. The theme for our next session, on October 9th, will be “Let Your Light Shine” when we will learn about ways to let our own lights shine.

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