Serving and Socializing on Spring Break

  • April 19, 2017


The youth got busy this week helping out some neighbors in need and tackling a couple of church clean up projects.  Several of our teenagers met at Polly and Keith Jenkins Man home to help wth some packing and other preparations for their upcoming move.  Others joined Candy Carr at the church to clean out the deacon’s kitchen and do some yard work in the Welcome Garden.  In celebration of their efforts. we joyfully ended the evening in town with pizza and ice cream and then returned to church for a few rounds of the hide and seek game called Sardines which has become our youth group favorite.  A fun night with some of the most thoughtful and playful teens I know!

*A note of thanks from Polly and Keith:

We are very grateful to all the youth who helped us out on Tuesday.  It was a pleasure to get to know them and, as two of the more senior members of WCUC, we thank them for their generous gift of young muscles and energy.