Third Grade Bible Presentation

  • February 16, 2016

On Sunday, February 7th, three of our third graders (and one fifth grader!) stood up during worship to be honored and presented with their very own bibles from WCUC (two of our third graders couldn’t make it on Sunday so they received their bibles earlier).  It is always a treat to introduce these young, eager learners to our congregation and watch their faces giggle with shyness and delight when they are presented with this special gift.  Following worship, our third graders and their families joined me downstairs for a special reception and discussion about their new bibles.  Parents were just as eager as the children to explore the new bibles and ask lots of questions.  We filled out a fun scavenger hunt, introducing us to all the different features of the bible, and then the children were invited to decorate a special bookmark while parents wrote a wish or blessing for their child inside the front cover.  It was a wonderful time of sharing, exploring, discovering, and fun!DSC09933 DSC09938 DSC09940 DSC09950 DSC09951 DSC09952 DSC09953 DSC09954