Waiting in the Light at our Advent Spiral

  • December 8, 2016

On the evening of Saturday, December 3rd, a large group of children and parents gathered together to celebrate the beginning of Advent with stories, crafts, and our beautiful spiral of light in North Hall.  We began our evening in the parlor and were treated to a wonderful drama performed by several of our children about the real Saint Nicholas before we headed downstairs to the darkened and quiet North Hall to wait for our turn in the spiral.  Year after year I never tire of the serenity and beauty of our Advent Spiral, where one by one, each child and adult gets his or her own turn to walk slowly to the center of the spiral, light a candle, and carefully place it around the evergreen pathway.  The quiet anticipation, the conscious slowing of our bodies, and the gentle glowing and growing light of the candles create a mesmerizing and meditative space for everyone.  Such a beautiful start to this season of waiting!  A variety of St. Nicholas-inspired crafts, delicious snacks, and a quiet room for reading Christmas books rounded out our evening together.  Please enjoy the many pictures!dsc02102 dsc02105 dsc02107 dsc02114 dsc02116 dsc02117 dsc02118 dsc02128 dsc02132 dsc02136 dsc02151 dsc02153 dsc02155 15230821_10154774486989268_3900542177303999408_n dsc02157 dsc02193 dsc02194 dsc02169 dsc02173 dsc02174 dsc02177 dsc02180 dsc02190 dsc02139 dsc02200 dsc02201