Words of Goodbye from Marjorie

  • June 20, 2014

i-pndLmVW-MFaith Formation is probably the single most challenging thing that I have ever taught, and I have taught 5th grade math and college physics. Yet, I have been guided by something my graduate adviser used to say repeatedly, probably hoping that at least some of her students would get this message; “You need to tell students what to look for without telling them what to see.” In other words, you have to trust that the children will construct their own meaning. Although I leave WCUC with many emotions, one thing I feel certain about is that I do trust these children. As they have demonstrated over the past few weeks, learning about the many references and images of God, they have real vision! I hope that I have created an environment in which each child may continue to feel safe to look and see through the filter of their own lives, develop a deeper faith, and bring that faith out into a world that is in great need of God’s love.

Blessings, Marjorie