Youth Visit Buddhist Temple

  • April 6, 2015

Each year, the youth group at WCUC goes on a “field trip” to visit a faith tradition or worship setting that is different from our own.  Two years ago, we attended the Outdoor Church in Cambridge which is a Christian ministry to and with homeless people.  Last year, we attended a Shabbat service at Kerem Shalom in Concord.  This year, we spent one Sunday morning studying some of the basic tenets of Buddhism, discovering the ways in which it is both similar to and different from Christianity.  Then, on March 22nd, we hit the road to experience Buddhism first hand at the Boston Buddha Vararam Temple in Bedford. A very welcoming and gracious host, Prow Sarns of West Concord, helped to make arrangements for our visit and served as our “tour guide” while we were there.  We began by meeting the head monk of the temple who shared some of his insights and entertained our questions with the help of Prow as our translator.  We then got a tour of the temple – the worship space, fellowship area, and the upstairs classrooms.  Finally, we joined in with the community for  their worship time which consisted of chanting with the monks, receiving blessings, and offering food and monetary donations.  This was a unique chance for us to experience the “other” and to spend some time getting to know our neighbors.  We are so grateful for the way in which we were welcomed and enlightened!wcucyouthattemple