Celebrating Our Renovation

Back in 2014 or so, we realized that there were more basic repairs needed on this building than we could possibly afford with the resources that we had on hand. So, we decided to ask some big questions about our building, how it could support our ministry in a better way.  Then we launched a capital campaign, as we celebrated our 125th anniversary, to preserve and protect this building, to increase our environmental responsibility, and to support greater accessibility and flexibility in our spaces.

This was a hard process. So many people put in so many hours, trying to figure out: What should we do? How should we do it? How much will it cost? How much can we raise? There was so much to consider, and as many opinions as people, and I for one made plenty of mistakes as we found our way towards some decisions.

This was a hard process. And, we came together and did something amazing.

Today, let us recognize and celebrate that we have a roof above us that works, topped with solar panels that decrease our carbon footprint. There is no longer a hole in the main street door over here, or wood rotting around the glass on Pine Street. We have one main entrance that everyone can use, with an air lock and modern windows that prevent heat loss, and steps that don’t get icy in the winter, because they’re inside. Downstairs we have a kitchen with drawers you can easily open and close, a sanitizer that takes only a very few minutes to run, and a sink someone in a wheelchair can use. Right here, we have a sanctuary where Sunday Fellowship can meet, and prayer station services can be held, and labyrinths can be spread, and stars can be hung overhead, and everyone, everyone, everyone can get to the communion table.

You may be wondering, why am I mentioning all this now? Thank you for asking. This is the year that many of us completed our pledges to that Capital Campaign.  We have received, to date, a combined $737,357, faithfully given. And while the church did thank you when you made your pledge, I want to thank you again, now, for your stunning generosity and dedication. You made it possible for us to preserve this building, care for the earth, and multiply the possibilities of our ministry. I hope it is beautiful to you, what we were able to do here together with the help of God.

So let us give thanks for all who have made this era of our building possible. Thank you to Renovation Committee. Thank you to all the givers. Thank you to all who offered their wisdom and forgiveness along the way in our process. And let us give thanks to God.