Janice’s Testimony

  • October 7, 2015

As we enter our Congregational Giving Appeal season, members of WCUC  are sharing how this community impacts them and why they give. Janice gave this testimony on October 4th.

Smith, JaniceGod is at work in my life in many ways. God is there in the rough times, like recently when my brother had a stroke. Your hugs helped me feel God’s presence of healing.

And God has put people into my life who help me, people at our church, people at Minuteman ARC, and especially my mother. My mother taught me the ropes on how to be on my own. She said, there will come a time when you will have to be on your own. She helped me get involved with Minuteman ARC.

I have become very active in Minuteman ARC. It’s opened up new horizons for me. It has a program called “Work Opportunities” which has helped me get the best job in the world – I play with cats and kittens at “Buddy Dog,” an animal shelter in Sudbury. In Minuteman ARC, I am more with my own community. I get to do more adult stuff and get involved with new activities. Like the “Self Advocacy” program. I have had training in self advocacy. The skills have helped me, and now I’m helping others.

My church gives me opportunities to grow, too. My work with the Church School and Nursery keeps me busy. Melissa, from church school, has really given me responsibilities, like I take attendance and lead the good morning song and other things. I like having responsibility for young kids in the Nursery, too.

I give my time and money to West Concord Union Church for lots of reasons, but mostly because I want the church to be healthy and I want to say thank you to God for bringing us together as a community. Giving makes me feel great!

My mother helped me decide how much to give to the church. We decided that I will give sixty dollars each year.

God has made a wonderful change in my life by giving me a better outlook, and positive things like getting involved in new adventures at Minuteman ARC, Buddy Dog, and church. And I am thankful.