Advent Wednesday Witness: Joanna

  • December 18, 2013

far side big eyeOn Sunday, Joanna offered this reflection:

How do we magnify God?  The first thing this question made me think of was a favorite Far Side cartoon from the 1980s. These cartoons by Gary Larson were a favorite of mine because the humor was a little twisted and he had a great time poking fun at geeky scientists, and ALL of my friends were geeky PhD students (myself excluded of course). Anyway, this cartoon shows a woman driving down the road in her car, glancing into her side view mirror.  In the mirror is a close-up view of a huge bloodshot monster eyeball, and of course the mirror says “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear”.

Now how do I get from this image to a reasonable reflection on how to magnify God? Imagine the same scene, but replace the scary monster eyeball with your favorite image of God. Now…BE THE MIRROR! In this season of seemingly hopeless commercialism, and traditions that have little to do with Christ’s holy birth, strive with me to be the lens that magnifies God’s love. Help others to feel God is closer than they think. Create holy moments among the mundane. Give someone else your spot in line, be a courteous driver, smile a lot, offer hugs more, go out of your way to thank the person behind the counter. Diffract His Light into the darker corners of the season. (OK, so maybe I’m a little geekier than I’m willing to admit…) BE THE MIRROR.