Advent Wednesday Witness: Norah

  • December 11, 2013

What are we waiting and hoping for?  In John 11:11 Jesus says “Our friend Lazurus has fallen asleep, but I am going there to wake him up.”

The Christmas Advent season is a beautiful time of year. Love and joy, service and singing abound and many people wake up, reigniting their relationship with God. For those who have been asleep to God’s presence and love, this month can wake up many. Fran gave beautiful examples of the way God makes his presence known to her everyday. His presence is everywhere when our eyes and heart are open. Yet at times the beauty of his love all around is easily missed. We are sleeping. All relationships ebb and flow. My relationship with God is no different. Our relationship deepens every time we bear witness to his presence.

My family’s hope is that this season as we work to look beyond the commercialism we reawaken to the unending presence of God. He never leaves us. We leave him thru distraction, indifference, hopelessness and fear. Our hope for those that may be reawakened is that they stay the course beyond this season and make their season of love for God, a lifetime of love.

What are you waiting and hoping for this Advent season?