Dennis’ Testimony

  • March 25, 2015

DennisI live a very peripatetic lifestyle; meaning I walk everywhere I go. The Etymology of the word peripatetic is Greek in origin; the Greek peripatetikos or ‘of Aristotle’ and his school, literally means, walking about.

I learned this way of defining the vocabulary words I use in Bible Study class. We learn a lot more than just scripture under the apt tutelage of the Reverend Keith and Master David. Is this not so, grasshopper? Yet I digress.

When originally asked to offer my testimony before our congregation I didn’t respond to Hannah’s email, due in large part to the fact that I felt I had nothing of interest to say about my faith journey to our congregation that wasn’t already known.

But when I learned that props were allowed___ well, I was instantly inspired and decided to write the tale of my faith journey with God and to share it with all of you.

Now despite what you’ve been told by some, ___for me and the eight Nuns that live in my head, God is not a woman.

He speaks with a distinctly male voice, to which I haven’t always listened but then­­­ again_______ there are the Nuns in my head. I believe God speaks to us in our own voice, we need only listen.

So this is my lantern. I use it daily to light my way and make my presence known as I walk along a particularly treacherous stretch of Rt. 2A in Acton MA. There are no sidewalks to separate my body from the disturbingly large numbers of speeding motor vehicles with which I’m forced to share the road.

So___ this is March 22, March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. I have a Brain Injury and that is why I walk with the aid of my other prop, literally, my cane. Now I did not suffer a Traumatic Brain Injury such as a Stroke, Head Trauma resulting from an automobile accident or one of the other more common causes of BI. I was born with mine, or born with the reason or cause. The injury I have been blessed with is the result of Colloid Cysts blocking the third ventricle, causing a hydrocephalic condition; their removal by neurosurgery is what caused the BI.

I noticed some eyebrows rise when I used the phrase I’ve been blessed with… allow me to clarify.

Prior to 2010 I was a computer consultant and programmer with a very active career that took me all over the US___ building custom business applications. It was not uncommon for me to commute down to our Nation’s capital each week for a gig building or customizing this app or that tool for some branch, agency or corporation. Now does anyone here enjoy commuting? I didn’t think so and neither did I so when I was informed that my life was to drastically change I had some trepidation and not little fear. If I had know then that the change would free me from my active life style of eight to ten hour commutes and bring me closer to a faith community I wouldn’t have been afraid. I’d have said why not sooner but everybody has got their own road to travel and mine has led me here. For that I am truly grateful and yes I feel immensely blessed.