Joanna’s Testimony

  • January 26, 2015

JoannaGod is at work in my life. How do I know? I know because She keeps sending me angels, to provide comfort, guidance, even to give me a good push in a different direction.

Some angels have come and gone in a flash: There was the guy who showed up out of nowhere one rainy day, fixed my broken-down car, and disappeared almost as mysteriously as he arrived.

Some angels have had lasting impact: Craig was a boy in my 7th grade class – smart, friendly, “wicked” cute …and sadly, not the least bit interested in me as a romantic prospect. He did offer me friendship, though, and one day he invited me to a youth group bonfire. Before I knew it, one youth group event turned into ‘every Friday night’ youth group… and Wednesday night Bible study (starting with Revelations, no less!)… and Sunday worship services, which I attended with his family through high school. With a simple gesture of friendship, Craig led me to begin my relationship with God.

Some of my angels are sitting among you: When a child in our Sunday School became unruly and out of control one day, an angel in the form of Cathryn Armstrong happened to come upon us outside of North Hall just as I was reaching my wit’s end. With calm, patience, and caring, Cathryn carried us all through a difficult situation.

Recently, I was visited by two other angels, whom you may know as Hannah and Ruth. These two are the pushy but loving kind of angels that jolt you out of your comfort zone. In this case, they suggested I consider leading Discipleship Ministry. Now, with a “more than full-time” job, and two school-age children, and a host of other volunteer commitments, my plate was already full. But Discipleship Ministry holds all the aspects of church life that I care passionately about: Children’s Education, Sunday Fellowship, Missions and Justice, and Adult enrichment. And so with the guidance of these two beautiful angels, I’ve decided to take this leap of faith in covenant with God.

These are but a few of the angels that I have known. Together, they have shown me the face of God, reflected in their acts of inspiration, guidance and mercy. I am thankful to God for angels past, present and future.