Mary Jane’s Testimony

  • October 21, 2014

Mary JaneWhen I was a little girl, I used to love listening to my mother practice her church anthems. God spoke to me through the beauty of her singing. To a child with an older father and a mother with a failing heart, God was my permanent heavenly Father…”Jesus loves you, yes!!!” that early Sunday school hymn. He let me know that I had strengths and weaknesses but that with His care I would be all right.

My need for closeness to God has kept me thirsting for spirituality and music. I’ve shared the company of Episcopal, Presbyterian, Congregational, Unitarian pastors, choirs over the years and thanks to WCUC have returned to the Congregational fold.

Five years ago my husband was diagnosed with Alzheimers which we managed for quite a while with adult day care and aides. I stopped going to church. When it became impossible to care for Bob at home, he was evaluated at Metro West and after a week placed at Beaumont in Natick. Several choir members and volunteer singers came and sang with the patients. I loved singing” Amazing Grace” with them and knew I would return to church.

My experiences visiting the Alzheimer’s units at Beaumont and now at the VA in Bedford has enriched my life and given me a deeper faith in the goodness of people and in our purpose on earth. At these facilities, I met beautiful people from many countries: aides, nurses and dear, sometimes funny, sometimes frightened patients that you just had to love. Watching all the nurses, aides, daughter’s and wives, care for these childlike elders, made the gentle kindness of Jesus come alive for me. Alex dancing Marie to her room, Silvia singing to Jack as she dressed him, holding a hand and telling her that you loved her too.

Paraphrased from a writing by Maya Angelo. “ I’ve learned that everyday you should reach out and touch someone. People love a warm hug or pat on the back. I’ve learned that people forget what you said but will never forget how you made them feel.” I pray that all these dear ones feel Jesus Love through kindnesses and when the priest comes to bless them, that they will all believe and not fear the passing.

WCUC has the same beautiful people. I love coming into such a sharing and caring community and want to grow more to be like you.