Melissa’s Testimony

  • November 25, 2014

_DSC8487When I came to WCUC for the first time about 4 years ago, I was overjoyed when I found a young woman pastor, especially when I heard God referred to as “She.” I love the elevated role of women in this church compared to my Catholic upbringing. At one of the women’s retreats in Craigville that I attended a few years ago, we stood in a circle and passed stones that we had each brought with us from hand to hand. When my stone made its way back to me, the power and energy of each woman in the circle was evident in the heat it had absorbed. It was an amazing physical sensation of our energy and proof that we’re a strong bunch.

I’ve needed that strength lately. It’s been quite a year, but the song that came on the radio right after I got my cancer diagnosis told me that “every little thing gonna be alright.” I read “Proof of Heaven” just as an assurance that everything would be all right, even in the worst case scenario. But luckily it turns out breast cancer is no match to the strength of your prayers because I felt God’s hands on me at the healing service here last year. I felt God in the arms of my daughter’s teacher when she told me that the Lord is wrapping me in His love and wouldn’t let me be harmed. I am grateful to have family, friends and neighbors who brought me meals, took me out for ice cream, cleaned my home, took care of my children, sent me cards, and let me cry on their shoulders. Thank you to those who referred me to their amazing doctors at Dana Farber and Emerson, and led me to the Virginia Thurston Healing Garden for emotional support as well as physical pampering. Thank you to the scientists among us who are developing lifesaving drugs that enables me to be here today. I am grateful for the survivors who shared their stories with me and gave me encouragement. I am grateful for your prayers for continued health. I thank God for the privilege to be a mother to three beautiful children, and the wife to a smart, funny, and wonderfully supportive husband. I thank God for loving me and for giving me this life. I thank God for showing Herself in all of you.