Why Church? Amy's Story

A physician in Westford, mother, and new member, Amy attended church as a child, but during her adult life often Amy Leedid not have a church home. “I felt disconnected and adrift. Trying out a new church can sometimes be daunting, but since the first time I came to WCUC, I really felt welcomed. I knew after only a few weeks that I had found a new church home.” Amy’s daughter quickly grew to love her Sunday School teachers. “I have been so happy to watch her faith in God grow.”

Amy finds that the challenge to self-reflect and hear God speaking are some of her favorite aspects of Pastor Hannah’s messages. “I really like the emphasis on a true Biblical message.” Finding her mission through volunteering in Vacation Bible School and helping those in need through Congregational Care, Amy feels connected and involved in a deeply meaningful way. “Connecting with people and feeling useful is easy here,” Amy adds, “this is really a community of mutual support.”