Preparation for Healing Communion

  • August 17, 2016

_DSC0806There are many stories about healing in the scriptures.  Jesus and the apostles often healed people of physical and emotional ailments.  And when Jesus healed, there was an undergirding of economic justice and social transformation.  Such stories are not quaint incidents; there is power in Jesus’ name (to quote the old hymn).

People are burdened with physical disease, mental health struggles, and emotional pain.  Our Christian faith eases all this suffering and strengthens our spirits with a shifting of perspective.  Depression adds to physical pain.  In contrast, the hope available in our faith lessens physical pain.

Some choose not to believe in God because of unanswered prayer or a failure to heal.  However, the healing God offers is sometimes but not always a physical cure.  I have seen God heal a soul by receiving it through death into eternal grace.  There will be an ultimate healing of the individual and indeed of the whole world; Jesus referred to this ideal as the Kingdom of God.

This Sunday, August 21st, you will hear biblical and narrative stories about healing.  And together, we will participate in the sacrament of communion.  An action of worship and praise which promises healing of individuals and of the world.  Come be a part of the joy and love of God’s healing and amazing grace.

Rev. Cindy Maybeck