Christianity 101: Andrew

  • June 20, 2014

IMG_1146At the end of the Christianity 101 class, Andrew shared his faith with us through an art project and reflection.

Inner Life Box
This project is based on an idea from Fr. Richard Rohr: The first half of life establishes the container. It has to do with a person’s identity, personality, boundaries, likes/dislikes, groundedness, and how her/his life experience affects these (successes, failures, woundedness, healings).  The second half of life is what we put into the structure — what is important.  In the process of this discovery we may find that our container changes.

The basic box design is exactly scaled to the Ark of the Covenant (Exodus 25:10).  You may notice moments of grace and beauty poking through; an unfinished, rough side; wounds and healing; the light of Christ shining all the way in — or radiating all the way out.  Inside the box, I placed a faith statement, a personal mission statement, and short wisdoms that currently resonate with me. All these will change!