Born of the Spirit

“Beautiful things don’t ask fo2014-03-09 16.01.58r attention.“  That’s a line from the recent film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty but it could also be a description of Sunday Fellowship.

Sunday Fellowship has been a ministry of this church to developmentally delayed adults for over thirty years.  We sing, we pray for one another, we worship and we have snack.  It’s pretty simple.  But it’s also transformative.   As anyone who comes to Sunday Fellowship will tell you, its’ a community where God’s grace and love is palpable.

I’ve witnessed many large and small moments of grace at Sunday Fellowship.  My favorite of late is when we were singing and half the room got up and started dancing.   Before I knew what was happening someone grabbed me by the hand and was twirling me around.  That’s when I realized that I am not the one in charge.  It may be my job to choose the songs and scriptures, but the Spirit blows where it will.  My job is just to hang on for the ride.

That’s pretty much what Jesus says to Nicodemus in John 3.  If we want to enter the kingdom of God we have to become more like water and wind which flow in whatever direction the current takes them.  This can be difficult for people like Nicodemus and I who are so used to being in charge that our ability to trust has become paralyzed.  We need help learning how to let go and trust.  But Sunday Fellowshippers are experts at this and offer their wisdom to anyone with the ears to hear it.

I wish more churches had the vision to offer a ministry like Sunday Fellowship.  The potential for mutual transformation is boundless.

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to experience one of our gatherings firsthand, I hope you will consider coming one day.  Because the most beautiful things don’t ask for attention, you just have to experience them for yourself.