On Fire

Jesus! What are you saying? I come to bring fire to the earth? I come not to bring peace, but division?

Multicolour-candles-2If we read Luke 12:49-56, we have to wonder. Did Jesus wake up on the wrong side of his sleeping mat? Did he have a bad fight with his favorite disciple? Where is the one who will lead us on paths of peace?

Although Jesus is a messenger of peace, he is also someone who knows that human life – and God’s call – can lead to conflict. In fact, our fear of conflict sometimes gets in the way of life, of growth, of God. Is there a place in your life where division and conflict could be the path towards a deep, true, holy peace?

God, free us from politeness, fear, and submission. May we be baptized with your fire, refined and renewed and inspired. May we be brave enough for division if it is the way towards your peace, which passes all understanding. Amen.