Concord Prison Outreach: Past, Present & Future

  • September 20, 2022

Our Mission Partners at Concord Prison Outreach (CPO) held a community event on September 25th to remember where the organization has been and consider where it’s headed. Pastor Hannah was invited to offer an opening prayer rand share a part of WCUC’s history with the Concord Reformatory. Did you know that WCUC was started by Reformatory staff and their families?

Image: Pastor Hannah, Executive Director Mr. Sam Williams, Interim Senior Minister of First Parish Concord Rev. Seth Carrier-Ladd, and CPO Board President Ms. Liz Rust

We’ll get a chance to hear more about CPO at our next Service Sunday on October 23rd, when Executive Director Mr. Sam Williams will attend and we will participate in CPO’s new backpack project, preparing resources for people who are released from incarceration.

View CPO’s anniversary video below!