Habitat for Humanity: Women Build!

  • May 19, 2015

IMG_2314An intrepid group of 11 WCUC-connected women spent several hours on the final day of “Women Build 2015” in Billerica working on Habitat of Greater Lowell’s next house. We were given a variety of tasks: we swept, painted doors, cleaned labels off new windows, sanded wall board and applied a second coat of “mud” and then sanded again. We cleaned brushes, picked up trash, moved large-rock gravel via wheelbarrow from a heap on one side of the property to the other where we then spread it under the porch. We hung doors. Stacy, wife and mother of the family soon to move in, worked with us. Some in our group had toured the site with the WCUC youth group a couple of weeks earlier; they were happy to see the ramp that will provide access to the house to the son who uses a wheelchair was no longer waiting to be installed but was in place. “Many hands make light work” proved once again to be true; we also laughed and joked and talked as we worked. We helped build community among ourselves while we helped make a house into a home. Several in the group are already looking forward to the Women Build project next year. Meanwhile, there are other opportunities for men as well as women to become actively involved with Habitat—as many did by supporting our Bake Sale and Buy-a-Board endeavor on Mother’s Day. Thanks to all! –Constance