Household Goods

  • September 16, 2014

There was an ex20140914_112308cellent turn out for Mission Forum on Household Goods this past Sunday. Bob Van Emburgh, the Volunteer Coordinator, joined WCUC members and active volunteers, Priscilla, Marcia, Brian, and Sarah. He shared both the early beginnings of HG (formally known as HGRM), founded by Barbara and Ira Smith, and its amazing growth into a nationally recognized program providing household goods, free of charge, to people in need. We learned that there are many way to donate both your time, and gently used goods. Presently there is a towel crisis: each family member is allowed one face cloth, one hand towel and one bath towel, however recently HG gave away its last bath towel. Because HG serves 12 families a day, seven days a week, there is an ongoing and never ending need for basic items. Please visit the website to learn more.

Brian and Sarah were given special awards for their excellent service to the organization. Marcia and Priscilla shared the reasons why they chose to volunteer an average of 10 hours a week at HG, stressing the joy received when being involved with an organization of diverse people, with a shared mission and commitment to service. Being involved with others on a mission that is so much bigger than themselves is very rewarding. Marcia shared several ideas for making kits: kitchen, sewing and household tool kits. This can be a fun and meaningful family activity. If you would like to donate a kit see the eWord for descriptions or contact the office. (You are welcome to donate individual kit items also. All donations can be left in the large HG bin in the hall outside Hannah’s office).

Witnessing the gratitude of our guests is heartwarming. In addition to big hugs, most guests at Household Goods leave messages in a composition book on the desk, before they leave. This message was left recently: “Thank you Ira, Barbara and all the staff. I am an Iraq veteran and recently found myself without a home. I’m now enrolled in college and somehow got my own apartment. Now it’s a “home” thanks to you all here. I’m sure you will see more of my “brothers and sisters” pass through here in the near future as we are having a difficult time