Mission Giving through Building Rent

  • October 29, 2014

_DSC8383As most of you know, we provide space in our building for groups that gathering for different kinds of support and nurture. These groups pay a nominal “rental fee” so in essence we subsidize their use of our building.

One group that has been the beneficiary of our space is Alcoholics Anonymous which has been meeting at WCUC for 10 years. In recognition of this partnership, their main text, Alcoholics Anonymous, a full-sized book and the original book for AA has been donated by them to our library in gratitude for our support, as well as the A.A book entitled “12 Steps and 12 Traditions.” This group meets early in the morning, once a week to provide accountability and support to one another in their efforts and sobriety. The group ranges in participant size from 3-6 folks. This group is open to anyone seeking help with a problem with alcohol for themselves, and anyone with such a situation at WCUC is welcome to join. This is an all volunteer group. No one knows each other’s last name and/or shares anything that goes on in the groups. If you are interested in more information, you may either pick up the books in the library or call A.A, 617-426-9444, to ask questions, or to order your own copies of the books by mail. The morning AA group expresses their gratitude for the opportunity and support that WCUC has provided.

Al-Anon also meets at the church, and is open to friends and families of problem drinkers. In May 2014 the Monday afternoon group celebrated their 24th anniversary as a group and at WCUC. The group has donated “Paths to Recovery,” their main text, to the church library. This book includes information about the legacies of Al-Anon, including the 12 Steps, the 12 Traditions, and the 12 Concepts, which are adapted and similar to AA’s 12 guidelines. Al-Anon is a volunteer organization, and was founded by family members of problem drinkers. More information and literature for Al-Anon can be obtained by calling 508-366-0556. The Al-Anon group is very grateful to have the space at the church to meet, and many people have been greatly helped through this group. —Anne Rarich