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Maundy Thursday

On Thursday evening, March 24th, children, youth, and adults gathered together for a soup supper, foot washing, Communion, and a variety of interactive prayer stations as we remembered Jesus’ Last Supper and his final mandate to his disciples before his arrest and death.  Our prayer stations included an indoor Garden of Gethsemane with prayer candles, beautiful displays of different images of Jesus, a bare cross with stones for prayers of unburdening, forgiveness sand for writing and smoothing away, an interactive coloring poster, recreating the scene of the Last Supper with blocks, tiles, and figures, a variety of fragrant perfumes to remind us of Mary’s anointing of Jesus, and a meditative labyrinth walk.  Please enjoy taking a picture-walk through our evening together on Maundy Thursday as you browse the photos.DSC00142 DSC00144 DSC00145 DSC00147 DSC00148 DSC00150 DSC00152 DSC00153 DSC00160 DSC00164 DSC00172 DSCN5909 DSCN5914 DSCN5919 DSCN5933 DSCN5935 DSCN5936 DSCN5945 DSCN5954

Maundy Thursday Moments

Footwashing, a meal, communion, and the Passover story!
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