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Why Church? Edna's Story

West Concord Union Church has been a part of Edna’s life since childhood. She has enjoyed all aspects of providing fellowship at the church, including preparing church suppers and helping with funeral arrangements. She is good friends with a group of women her age from the church wEdnaho get together often. She enjoys the music at WCUC as well as Hannah’s sermons and says that the addition of the elevator has been “wonderful” since it allows her access to the church’s many events.

Edna’s family has lived in West Concord for about 100 years. First her aunt and uncle moved here to work at the Boston Harness Shop, which was owned by Harvey Wheeler. He built many of the houses on Cottage Street so that his workers could walk to work from home, which is what Edna’s aunt and uncle did. She spent summers here with them when she was a girl and liked the area so much that when she retired in 1986, she “moved up here the next day.”

Edna grew up in the Bronx, NY where she married and raised her daughter. She worked at Albert Einstein Medical College in New York for 25 years. She was an avid traveler when younger, and that sense of adventure has continued. She went up in a hot-air balloon to celebrate her 80th birthday!

Why Church? Betsy and Larry

Betsy and Larry, with their three children, Ethan 9, Sara 7, and Toby 4, came to West Concord Union Church in December 2012. And they stayed; because, in theBetsy and Larryir words, this is a community where all can “come as they are.” There is spontaneity in worship, they don’t need to be perfect, and their children are accepted as full members of the church family who can offer their own prayers in worship. They remember last season’s Maundy Thursday service as a perfect example of the way we “do church.” What started out one way evolved and changed as more children did their own thing and adults chimed in until the evening became one big, noisy, joyous celebration of God’s surprising good news!

Both Betsy and Larry grew up in the Greater Boston Area and were raised in the Roman Catholic Church. They are grateful for the warm welcome that they received right away from Rev. Hannah and from all the members.

Why Church? Amy's Story

A physician in Westford, mother, and new member, Amy attended church as a child, but during her adult life often Amy Leedid not have a church home. “I felt disconnected and adrift. Trying out a new church can sometimes be daunting, but since the first time I came to WCUC, I really felt welcomed. I knew after only a few weeks that I had found a new church home.” Amy’s daughter quickly grew to love her Sunday School teachers. “I have been so happy to watch her faith in God grow.”

Amy finds that the challenge to self-reflect and hear God speaking are some of her favorite aspects of Pastor Hannah’s messages. “I really like the emphasis on a true Biblical message.” Finding her mission through volunteering in Vacation Bible School and helping those in need through Congregational Care, Amy feels connected and involved in a deeply meaningful way. “Connecting with people and feeling useful is easy here,” Amy adds, “this is really a community of mutual support.”

Why Church? Susan and Megan

Susan comes to WCUC with her adult daughter, Meghan, who is part of our SundayPicture1 Fellowship group. “I was looking for a community to share my spirituality with, and after going to service with Meg once I felt I wanted to learn more about WCUC,” says the longtime Concord resident. “I felt welcomed from the beginning by the congregation. The sermons were meaningful and the music was mesmerizing – it was a sure win/win for me.”

Last year, they attended a Christmas Eve service at WCUC and were so pleased that Meghan seemed to feel right at home–so much so that she hummed the Christmas carols afterwards!

Susan, an interior decorator and color consultant, also appreciates that Hannah brings the environment into the service, handing out bulbs for planting during Lent and focusing on “God’s Green Earth” in Vacation Bible School. “Nature is part of who we are,” she says.