Multiage class: Building on a Rock

  • February 28, 2017

It was so wonderful for me to be back on Sunday with our Multiage group!  We began with a quick conversation about our February vacations (so many fun things to share!) and then we started to learn a new song called Jesus, Teach Us How to Pray that we will continue to learn throughout the spring.  Our story on Sunday focused on Jesus’ final message from his Sermon on the Mount: follow my teachings and you will be like a wise builder who builds her house on a solid foundation of rock; ignore my teachings and you will be like a foolish builder who builds her house on soft sand.  When a storm comes, the house on the rock will stand, while the house on the sand will fall.  We wondered why Jesus’ teaching are like a rock (“because they are solid,” “because they never go away”) and what kind of foundations we have in our own lives.  We each held a rock during our prayer time and drew or wrote a symbol of peace while we pray ed.  Then the children split up to try to construct structures with different foundations: in sand, on a flat table, or on a wobbly couch cushion.  We made fans to try to blow over our structures in a storm – it was surprising what stood and what fell!  We ended our time together watching a short YouTube video about a wise builder and a foolish builder.  Watch it with your child and talk about it!