A Lenten Prayer from Worship on March 8th

  • March 10, 2015

Dear God, we pray our concerns. Concern for ourselves and for one another. We intercede and give voice to those who are dying and for people who feel bereft of your living waters.

Bathe in your healing waters O God,
those who wither in bodies that are feeble, diseased and dying;
those with spirits that are down and flat;
those with hearts that are broken and bruised;
those who wither in marriage, relationship, job and family;

Bathe in your healing waters O God,
people who have been violated and become violent;
abused and become abusive;
without work and are treated as expendable;
people worn out, ground down, and silenced.

Bathe in your healing waters O God, our fragile alliances and bridges between:
friends and adversaries,
lovers and enemies,
between churches and denominations,
races, tongues and nations,
between young and old, laity and clergy, haves and have nots, poor and rich, powerful and weak, remembered, and forgotten.

In your mercy….hear our prayers.

Thank you O God, for pouring out your divine living water through human hands like ours – our hands: in churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, courts, hospitals, jails, offices, schools, shops, rehabilitation centers, Veterans Centers, on our streets, in our homes, in these pews, between us.

Thank you for births, anniversaries, friendships, laughter, the hope of spring’s sunshine and breath. Thank you for pouring out your living waters through the work of justice and peace making. Help us BE your seekers of peace and justice both here and around the globe.

Thank you for the gift of music that soothes our souls, stirs our hearts, and moves us to be present to you in the depths of our spirits.

In your glory….hear our prayers.